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90 ways to live a great life

1.Try something new at least once a month
2.Know when to say no, and when to say yes
3.Laugh often, everyday
4. If faced with a risk you feel you’ll regret not taking, it’s always better to take it
5. Sleep well
6.Say thank you and be grateful
7.Listen to your dentist—don’t forget to floss
8. Look at things from another point of view
9. Don’t be afraid to believe in something you can’t see (like mermaids)
10.Always check your blind spot
11. Experience taking care of someone or something that can’t help itself, whether it’s a baby or a puppy
12. Don’t forget how to doodle
13. Afternoon naps are good for you (take one)
14.Grow your capacity for compassion, good things can only come from more of it
15. Sing often
16.Eat your veggies (and chocolate)
17.Dance, even when you feel you can’t
18. Be a friend
19.Take good care of your feet
20. Be curious
21. Be open to giving someone a second chance
22. Smile often
23. Keep in touch with friends you haven’t seen in a long time—let them know you’re thinking of them; they’re probably thinking of you
24. Remember you’re never too old to play with toys
25.Count your blessings
26.Don’t be afraid of failure—there’s a lot to learn in making mistakes
27.Put photos of the people you love everywhere
28.Work smarter, not longer
29. Try out a new haircut once in a while
30. Know when to forgive, and when to say you’re sorry
31. Hug your friends and family
32. Stop and smell the roses
33. Daydream
34. Pay it forward
35.Help someone less fortunate in any way you can
36. Live within your means
37. Stargaze
38.Be happy with what you have in your life
39. Don’t sweat the small stuff (be like a duck—let things roll off your back)
40. Make your passion in life your work
41.Enjoy a good book—read the classics
42. Be kind to animals
43. Call your mother (and father, and sister, and best friend)
44. Don’t worry about the things you can’t control
45. Stay in the moment, don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future
46. Invest time and effort in those that you love and cherish
47. Keep your life simple
48. Treat others the way you would like to be treated
49. Never stop learning
50.Face your fears—don’t let them or anyone limit you from doing the things you want to do
51. Move—take a walk or exercise everyday
52.Pursue your dreams
53.Fall in love
54. Travel often and widely
55. Set short and long-term goals for yourself and work towards accomplishing them—don’t live life aimlessly
56.Happiness is an organized space—keep clutter to a minimum
57.Don’t be afraid to act like a fool sometimes
58. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination
59. Hug with both arms, put some effort into it
60. Take chances
61. Listen when someone is talking to you
62. Breathe deeply—a good sigh is very therapeutic
63.Share your talents freely
64.Criticize less, appreciate more
65. Take a road trip with friends
66. Be honest with yourself and others by saying what you mean, and meaning what you say
67. Forgive and forget
68. Choose happiness always—never forget that it is a choice
69. Volunteer
70. Create a bucket list
71. Challenge your body and your mind
72. Surround yourself with positive people
73. Believe in yourself
74. Accept the differences of others—no one is like you and that’s a good thing
75. Meet new people
76. Choose your battles wisely
77. Take marvel in the little things—like snowflakes
78. Put your money to work—invest in your future and work towards financial independence
79.Send thank you cards, not texts
80. Love your body and be good to yourself—get a massage, a pedicure, meditate
81.Be a participant in life, not an observer
82. When someone you know is struggling, offer a helping hand
83. Learn a new skill and practice—like golf—you may surprise yourself at how good you are at it
84. Life is short—never forget it
85. Take time to answer a child’s question
86. Talk to strangers—it’s the only way to meet a new friend
87. Don’t let obstacles stand in the way—keep looking for another way to reach your goals
88. Create family traditions
89.Get in the photo—your smiling face will be someone’s cherished memory
90. Be humble and true to yourself

By Empire Life