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Mutual Funds

It’s a simple question, but there are hundreds of books, and thousands of media articles written that try to explain investments and investing. But, really, there are two fundamental types of investments:

One type of investment helps you build your money to help achieve your goals. You know what your goals are – common goals many people have include saving for retirement, educating your child, buying a home or furniture, or taking a vacation. Financial companies Faiella Financial Group offer a solid range of investment “products” to help you build your money.

The other type is designed to return your money to you efficiently. Whether you’ve saved for retirement or a shorter-term goal, there are financial products designed to return your money in a way that helps you achieve your goal.

Build Your Savings

Investment options that help you save and grow your money:

Here are the most common options:

Turn Your Savings Into Income

Investment options that efficiently use your accumulated savings:

Here are the most common options:

  • Registered income products
  • Income annuities
  • Segregated funds income

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