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Founded in 1995, FundEX has grown to become the largest flat-fee dealer in Canada. We’re interested in supporting your business, not owning it. FundEX fosters an environment that allows the independent advisor to run an autonomous financial operation. We provide you with the tools to enhance your service level, access to a broad product and service platform, and the regulatory and competitive insight to help you take full control over the direction of your practice.

Welcome to The Broker Connection! Just login to your local office and start enjoying everything the site has to offer. Whether it’s keeping track of upcoming events, current industry news or tools to benefit your practice, you’ll find it all at the Broker Connection.

At BridgeForce Financial, our commitment to you is always rooted in building a strong relationship through delivering what you need, when you need it.

From coast-to-coast, we connect you nationally – so you can be strong locally. BridgeForce Financial is one of the largest Canadian owned and operated MGAs. With more than 180 years combined industry experience, BridgeForce Financial delivers national scope through local relationships. It is this solid structure of local, personal relationships from Newfoundland to British Columbia combined with the advantages that a national firm can bring that make BridgeForce Financial the MGA to connect and deliver. We deal with most insurance suppliers so our brokers are guaranteed the ability to present their clients with the best products for their situations. We are the bridge between brokers and suppliers. Our commitment to service keeps the links strong.

From marketing and prospecting, through to policy issue and policy owner service, we can provide support that can help grow your business. Training, marketing, and technology are all areas where the future will continue to require continuous improvement. Having anticipated this, BridgeForce has a robust information management system that makes information accessible for quick response times and more efficient use of the brokers’ time. We continue to invest in expanding and improving this system to meet our industry’s changing needs.

Change also mean new products and we provide timely support on both product information and point-of-sale. We streamline the process for our brokers through our marketing team. Salient information in sales tools and technical training are provided in a manner that supports our emphasis on relationships.