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Tools for Your Business

Technology Platforms Offered:

Faiella Financial Group with its partnership with BFG Financial (Ontario) has strived to provide sound technology platforms to assist our Advisors in the continued growth of their business operations. We currently offer the following platforms where Advisors are able to retrieve information on their clients Life, Living Benefits and Investments products as well as prepare new illustrations, etc.: – Insurance is our main client database system where you will find all pending and Inforce policy contracts including PDF files of new applications, illustrations and other supporting documentation that is submitted on each policy. – Connect Investor Access is our Fundserv platform where you are able to access consolidated Segregated Fund client statements, reports on your Investment business and a history of all commission statements paid to you since the implementation of our system. – This is the Bridgeforce Marketing website. Upon logging in you will have access to download of all Illustration Software onto our local computer, history of the weekly Bridgeforce Newsletters, several Financial Calculators, information on the Bridgeforce Financial E&O Insurance policy, Industry Links, Insurance Company Websites and much more. – This is our Faiella Financial Group website where advisors are able to run new illustrations 24/7 if they are not interested in installing and updating illustration software on their local computer.

In addition to the above Faiella Finacial Group distributes the Bridgeforce weekly newsletter to all Advisors. We also provide weekly email updates to Advisors about information on their pending business for all companies including status of each case and what is outstanding.

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